Inviting Thai people to join the fight against Covid Stay home for the Songkran festival this year.

Posted Monday April 13th, 2020 | update : Monday April 13th, 2020

On 13 April 2020, Office of the Pingkan Nakorn Development Office (Public Organization) Chiang Mai Night Safari Office Arrange cooling activities for various animals in the area As well as inviting Thai people to show their strength against Covid Send encouragement to medical personnel. Stay home to welcome the upcoming Songkran festival.

Mr. Anucha Damrongmanee Executive Director Perform duties instead Director of the Pingkan Nakorn Development Agency (Public Organization) revealed that the operation of animal welfare in April. Welcome Songkran Festival Which is considered the hottest month in Thailand Chiang Mai Night Safari has organized a cooling activity for various animals. By creating food to cool down the animals such as sweet, cold corn and carrots for bears Frozen bananas for giraffes Cold, chicken and blood for tigers and lions, etc., as well as providing swimming areas for some animals such as elephants, bears, buffalo and sun korn noir, to create relaxation and help cool the heat.

In this regard, the Thai people are invited to show their support for the protection against Covid. By staying at home during this Songkran festival To encourage all medical personnel who continue to perform their duties vigorously in order to protect all Thai people. And for those who want to contact the Office of Urban Development And Chiang Mai Night Safari during this time Can be contacted at E-mail: Or call 053-999000

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